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On January 3, 2020, Stojkovic, who has served for five seasons, finally dismissed get out of class. The R&F Club wrote in the announcement: “Mr. Stojkovic gradually implanted his concept of'beautiful football' into the team’s tactical play during the coaching process, making Guangzhou R&F the most enjoyable in the Chinese professional football league. One of the sexual teams is an important symbol of the historical development of the club."


"Beautiful football" and "R & F", the Serbs used 5 seasons to brand these two words together in people's hearts.


If you ask meticulously, what is beautiful football? What kind of football is beautiful? Everyone will have their own answers. Fortunately, people generally have a unified understanding of unbeautiful football: shrinking, being crushed, lacking cooperation, and so on. In this sense, Stowe's team can indeed play very good football.


Passing, controlling and attacking, this seems to be the Nanyue football that R&F has been pursuing and passing on. There is no doubt that Stojkovic gave R&F the ideal football look.


The essence of sports or sports is to surpass oneself and enjoy happiness, while competition is about winner-takes-all and achievement-speaking. Competitive sports, competition comes first and sports come second. In other words, in the world of professional football, the first thing is to win. On this basis, different genres (excluding methods other than rules) have been born due to different people's understanding of football. These genres may be judged as "beautiful" at the time because of the different aesthetics of the times, but in the final analysis, unwinnable football has no meaning in the professional game.


Understand this, and look back at the 18 and 19 seasons: R&F has been relegating the theme for the entire two years. This is reality. Even whether you win or lose, is R&F's 19 season's play "beautiful"? This question is a positive answer in the hearts of the fans of the other 15 teams in the Super League. Let me ask, who doesn’t like the fact that his team’s game scene is open and scoring more goals can win?


Throughout the 19 season, Stowe, who was completely crazy, repeatedly placed the extreme tightrope walking lineup directly on the starting lineup. After the game, from the management to the fans, he held a few minutes of dominant scenes and said that 0-5 and 1-5 games were "a pity" , "There was a chance." As everyone knows, some lineups can only exist in the last 15 minutes to fight for life, long-term running will inevitably cause big problems.


Stowe dismissed get out of class as expected. However, the management’s hesitation and the opposition of a large number of fans in the process are not so much a dissatisfaction with Stowe and his "beautiful football", but rather the "group" of R&F.


What is Guangdong football


Once the glory makes


The problem is--

问题是 -

Compared with "three and a half" (Italy), full attack and full defense (Netherlands), and a large shift between sides (Germany), which have obvious characteristics, no one has ever been able to say specifically


"Fast speed", "flexible", "good technology at the foot", "cooperation", in short, "small, fast and flexible". But this is actually a description


The football game is actually a space competition game based on the offside line. Whether a goal is scored or not is actually the most intuitive measurement and description of the result of space competition/guarding. Under this premise, different people have different ways to compete for space, but they can be broadly classified into three categories: technology, power, and speed.


Once upon a time


Then why


In the final analysis, football is played by people, and what kind of football is played by any person. In the past, the transportation technology was backward, coupled with the household registration management system, and the population flow was very restricted, which made the characteristics of the internal population in different places tend to be consistent. The environment, climate, and dietary structure determined that the southerners were short and flexible. Mostly


These are


Will eventually find out what is


So when looking back at the R&F in the 19th season, I kept repeating the same sentence for a year and a half in the replay: "R&F has no speed at all." In 19 years, the club invested nearly 140 million yuan in two transfer windows in accordance with Stojkovic’s request to introduce the players he wanted (data from a certain app), but the result was that the team was completely left. under

因此,当回顾第19季的R&F时,我在重放中重复了一年半的相同句子:“ R&F根本没有速度。”在19年的时间里,俱乐部按照斯托伊科维奇的要求投资了近1.4亿元人民币,在两个转会窗口中进行介绍,以介绍他想要的球员(来自某个应用程序的数据),但结果是球队完全离开了。下

When a team can only pass


Just like Song Xianggong, the Chu Jun had already crossed the river halfway, letting him go ashore and head on. Respectable but ridiculous


Fans are looking for


Going back to the club announcement at the beginning, in the official conclusion, Stojkovic is an absolute hero, and the merit is to give the club a foothold. Whether it’s Fallas or Eriksson, they haven’t been able to really start R&F


What is intriguing is that when the management really realized the crisis and knew that the same would not work, the fans quit, even some of the old officials in the team. Van Bronckhorst was disintegrated in three consecutive games in the opening season, and some fans shouted to change back to Stowe. Seeing that the three central defenders seemed to have infringed on the patent, Stowe’s system was still useful, completely disregarding actual duties. And ideas. After Van Bronckhorst got one or two draws with the Chinese class, they felt that the "hukou book" had a promising future as the core public opinion force for team building.

有趣的是,当管理层真正意识到危机并知道危机将无法解决时,球迷们甚至是团队中的一些老官员也辞职了。在开幕季中,范布朗克斯特(Van Bronckhorst)在连续三场比赛中都瓦解了,一些球迷大喊着改回斯托。看到三名中央捍卫者似乎侵犯了该专利,Stowe的系统仍然有用,完全不考虑实际职责。和想法。范·布朗克霍斯特(Van Bronckhorst)在中文课上获得一到两次抽奖后,他们认为《户籍》作为团队建设的核心舆论力量具有广阔的发展前景。

In fact, R&F is a small and medium-sized club that has only built a team for 10 years.


Spending so much effort to write this is not so much a criticism of the club as it is dissatisfaction with a considerable number of R&F fans today. From the end of the 19th season to the beginning of this season, I was quite pessimistic about R&F's prospects. But the club’s practical actions, coupled with Van Bronckhorst’s magical operation, allowed me to rekindle hope for the future.

花大量的精力写这篇文章并不仅仅是对俱乐部的批评,因为它对当今相当多的富力和爱好者都感到不满意。从第19季末到本赛季初,我对R&F的前景相当悲观。但是俱乐部的实际行动,再加上范布朗克霍斯特(Van Bronckhorst)的神奇运作,使我重新点燃了对未来的希望。

Author: mik


The views in the article represent only the author


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